Cyber Security

With the ever expanding information highway there are threats that grow alongside needless to say that they can be avoided through introduction of the best available technologies to assist in keeping the threats at bay. Allied Solutions offers a host of solutions to meet the safety/security requirement of your business and peace of mind.


The threats of various virus attacks are ever more on the rise as our networks and access to them grows along with the access of the internet. Viruses are a major threat to the valuable data storage and flow of businesses and can put a critical halt to your business. Allied Solutions helps you to fight against all types of threats, viruses and malwares that can be hazardous to your imperative data and programs by offering state of the art antivirus solutions from trusted vendors stay ahead through frequent updates. We tend to provide you a fool proof protection, so you can always enjoy the fearless working environment.


Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions provide the utmost and comprehensive protection. With the help of indestructible firewalls, Allied Solutions offers completely incorporated and all-around security from network threats. These unified threat management (UTM) solutions carry forward all-embracing business security. We make certain that your network gets a unified and strapping frontage against attackers.UTM is a collection of several network security tools like antivirus, anti-spyware, network firewall, intrusion detection, spam and content filters etc. Some UTM(s) even come equipped with VPN support.