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Networking Service

Efficient networking connects people to people, people to machines; and machines to machines but if your network falters, none of that can happen. So when it comes to implementing or enhancing a solution to connect your workforce, increase their productivity, and maintain a high level of performance; you always look to a recognized network consulting company such as Allied Solutions.

At Allied Solutions, we’re experts in helping businesses design location-specific, cost-effective network infrastructure, diagnose network problems and implement IT & Security network support changes.

We provide a wide range of network support services working with you to ensure your network connection is an effective tool for providing your employees, partners and customers with more flexible access to data. In addition to initial setup and configuration, ongoing network monitoring is integral to maintaining a reliable, secure network for in-house employees and office visitors. We leverage cutting-edge tools and technology to watch network activity and ensure small issues are caught before they become big problems.

Our Networking Services include Enterprise Network planning, High-level troubleshooting, Network Security, Network System and Networking Administration.

  • Active networking

We offer complete active network services with equipment, according to your needs and purpose. We design and install solutions from world well-known manufacturers such as HP, Cisco, Eaton and many others. Our team of experts with adequate knowledge of market trends helps choose most appropriate system solutions.
With active network equipment, we understand the data servers, network switches; backup power supplies (UPS) all necessities for seamless data network stability.

We design and develop data storage and backup solutions. We provide technology installation, customization, and audit.

  • Passive networking

We design and build flexible cabling infrastructures that support multiple systems (voice, data, video and multimedia) through low-voltage data cabling services (both in and out of wall) for all size organizations regardless of all construction (private or commercial buildings).

We also provide responsible and proficient Fiber Optic cabling design, installation and testing solutions for a host of fiber infrastructure after thorough evaluation of design and install the optimum integrated system for your home/work environment.

  • SLA Consulting

The economy boom has fueled the need for organizations to expand and strengthen their IT & Security infrastructure, with an increased focus on Networks – The Backbone of organizational growth.

With emerging new technologies and operations expanding to numerous geographical locations, the management and maintaining of the IT & Security infrastructures has become a complicated & amp; cumbersome task. Organization now look to network outsourcing to best IT & Security service providers considering significant efficiency for business benefits whilst saving cost.

Allied Solutions specializes in crafting the entire business solution for your company through a service level agreement to provide continual assistance. Our expert team assists in characterizing various maintenance needs of your business. We resolve troubles and provide options to counter the future needs. Allied Solutions is focused on providing highly technical and analytical solutions.

Our offerings are delivered through planning & strategizing and implemented for entire suite of services.

  • Tech Support/Consulting

Allied Solutions consulting services are customized and supple. Our team is equipped with the best tools and techniques to guide you through the entire IT & Security infrastructure. We deliver the solutions that are ideal and help you meet your business goals. Our consulting services also help you optimize returns and increase productivity. After meeting up the decision makers of your business, Allied Solutions consultants scrutinize the whole infrastructure and spot the areas that can perform better. We try to interrupt business at least as possible while advising, planning and implementing the solutions.

  • Translating Strategic Agenda into IT Initiatives
  • Deep Industry Knowledge
  • Value-creating Approach
  • Implementation Rigor
  • Operating Results
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Application Optimization
  • Talent & Capital Development
  • Strategy & Transformation
  • Solid Understanding of Business Processes
  • Information Protection
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Workplace Enablement


  • After Sales and Support

Making customers is not the rationale of our business, assisting our each and every client after sales is what we look onward to. Our well-informed, mannered and quick customer support personnel always get ready to respond to after sales support needs. Our objective is to assist you be unbeaten!